The story since 2020 by people, for people.

Global Perspectives is a citizen science programme, with a focus on giving value to perspectives around world since 2020. As a research hub, we explore how individual narratives can better inform a wider collective and decision making.

Our public events bring your voice to a wider audience to explore what can be learnt, and challenge the way we perceive our world. Individual perspectives can help us see beyond the noise of data and media that have told the story so far.

We collaborate with researchers, organisations and public services to explore what they learn from this collective narrative and whether it helps these structures better understand and adapt to the communities they work with.

Perspectives from around the world.

A concept by people, for people.

Could you take ownership in bringing your community into the conversation ?

We need your leadership to provide equal opportunity for all to share their voice.

Spread the word in your local area

We will work with you develop local strategies that engage your community in this participatory process.

Access remote communities

You could provide those without a mobile phone or internet with the choice to share their story through an app on your phone

Bridge the community gap

The collective narrative gives deeper insight into your community and can identify small actions to make a big difference.

Paving the way towards a more informed and compassionate humanity


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