About Us

We are passionate that change needs come from a place of compassion and solidarity.

Our vision is to create a novel, visual narrative as a platform from which to generate research and processes that are better informed by global voices.

Cate Russell

Project Lead

Medical Doctor with a passion for people, their stories and international development. Advocating for decision making processes that come from a place of understanding, and better consider people and environment.


Heather Morgan

Core Team

Dr Heather May Morgan is a social scientist and Lecturer in Applied Health Sciences at the University of Aberdeen

Juanita Uribe

  • South America representative.
  • Juanita has dedicated her professional life to finding ways of
    making sense of the world and communicating complex things so that most people can understand them.She is a founding member of Imaginario, a foundation created by a group of Colombians to promote social change through culture and quality media for children and young people. She has a degree in Strategic Communications from Universidad Javeriana in Colombia, and lives in Washington, DC.

Lawrence Missipo 

Local Lead : Brazil


Cindy Russell

Local lead: Canada, Consider Conversation – Global Insights. Strategies. Connections.

Leader, adult educator, and entrepreneur. Passionate about creating conditions for people to engage in decision-making and strategy, locally and globally.  


Kate Carr

Local lead in Wales

Kate is a policy, strategy and communications professional with a passion for helping people share their stories. She helps organisations and communities to deliver sustainable change for a brighter, safer future.  

https://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-carr-a292164b/ www.arc.cymru

Alain Philippe

Local lead in Cameroon

President chez OMEP (World Organisation for Early Childhood Education) Cameroon. He is a Not for Profit and also corporate leader. He has always favoured the welfare of communities by supporting sustainable development education, promotion of rights and disaster protection.

Anisa Abeytia

Core team and California Local Lead

Anisa Abeytia is a research and policy professional with a background in humanitarian diplomacy, refugee integration, higher education inclusion and the role of online platforms on the social inclusion of vulnerable populations in offline environments. She regularly presents her work in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Abeytia holds a master’s degree from Stanford University and is currently a graduate student in Migration Studies at the University of San Francisco.

Khurshid Akbar

Local lead in Canada

Learner of Philosophy and Information Management, I am focused on reducing societal harm and increasing social benefits of community action by disintermediation. Am a co-organizer of local meetup groups which connect thought-leaders to knowledge seekers. 


Could this be you ?

Local lead in country X

Could this be you ?

Local lead in country X

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